The Great Tech Divide

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The Great Tech Divide

Post  DigitalFrink on Mon Jan 25, 2010 4:13 pm


I our yet to be named world, there are generally two types of player characters:
Graded and Ungraded.

Graded Characters:

Graded (short for upgraded) characters have chosen to integrate cybernetic components into their bodies. The vast majority of grade systems consist of a core processor, an artificial nervous system, a power storage unit, and external interface ports. Characters have many reasons for wanting such implants, as they grant abilities much improved from the natural human form.

System Components:

Core processor:
The main artificial processor of a graded system can handle many things at one time, though lower end models lack the memory and FLOPS count of the more expensive models. In addition to being a raw computational core, the core processor has the singular Neural Interface Bus. This bus is the only way for graded system components to interface with a human host's neural system.

Artificial Nervous System:
The purpose of the artificial nervous system is to allow the core processor to interface with and control optional modules located throughout a host's body.

Power Supply:
The power supply is a key component of a graded system. In the event of power failure (or an empty power supply), the graded system is dead weight.

Ungraded Characters:

Ungraded characters are characters that lack implanted cybernetic components, whether for moral, health, or financial reasons. Such characters may still use technology to their benefit, but they will ultimately be limited by their natural strength, dexterity, and will. Examples of supplementary technology include:

Electronic Combat Body Armor
Targeting Visors
Shock Absorbing Boots

In order to be functional, these items must either be self-sustaining, or the user must wear a power pack.


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