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Graded Software

Post  DigitalFrink on Mon Jan 25, 2010 5:50 pm

Gsoft (or graded software) is any type of software for a Graded system. There are many different types of Gsoft, but they generally fall into 3 categories:


Drivers are (relatively) simple pieces of Gsoft designed to tell the core processor how to use a piece of hardware. Drivers allow a Gsys (graded system) to use a mounted shoulder turret, thruster boots, or grapple arm in its basic capacity. New pieces of hardware are only usable if the desired user has a Gsys driver for that hardware. Most hardware drivers are available for download from the nets, but some fancier hardware requires users to purchase drivers or (GASP) have a driver data disk. Some hackers have made a good living selling reverse engineered drivers for hardware, some of which improve usability and performance. Some classes of hardware have generic drivers, which work with all hardware of a certain class, but generally have reduced functionality.


Background routines are the basic processes which enable the Gsys to run in a semi-automated fashion. Background routines can do things like automatically react to a condition, enhance the performance of hardware by using core processor resources, or combine the functionality of two pieces of hardware automatically. A core processor with a given amount of memory can run a limited number of background routines at a time.


Functional routines or macros are sequences of operations that generally involve coordination between multiple hardware components and/or the host's body. In order to run a macro, they have to be consciously triggered by the host. The core processor and power source must have the necessary resources available in order to run a macro successfully. An example macro description has the following:

Macro Name


Hardware Requirements

Power Requirements

Processing Requirements

A sample macro would be:

Propelled Rush:

Propel yourself at an enemy using a thruster system to do melee damage

Thruster system
A melee attack weapon or system (appendages work fine)

10 kW + Melee Energy + Thruster Energy

Thruster Range


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